Ana-Med Acupuncture Auckland

Restoring balance with physical and emotional, health and well-being during the various stages of life.
Lee-Ana provides one-to-one treatments using gentle needle techniques. She has been practicing in Auckland for over 10 years focusing on acupuncture for Pregnancy, Womens Health and Fertility/Infertility. People have also sought treatment from Lee-Ana for a wide range of conditions including emotional-anxiety problems, digestive and respiratory conditions, injuries and pain management, mens issues and paediatrics.
With the individual in mind, Lee-Ana takes a whole system approach working from a base of Chinese medicine to provide treatments using appropriate modalities (acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion,cupping, bodywork etc). She also offers the option of providing detailed dietary and lifestyle therapy along with supplementation to help support treatments where required.

During pregnancy people often seek acupuncture as a drug free alternative to help with things like morning sickness, induction, breech, anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, post-natal depression etc as well as pre-birth acupuncture from 34-36 weeks.


Note: It is advisable not to be hungry, eat a big meal or drink coffee within an hour either side of treatment. If you are hungry have a small snack within that time. Also refrain from any intoxicants around treatments.

For ACC acupuncture treatments obtain your ACC45 or claim number from your doctor, physiotherapist or other ACC treatment provider and bring it to your initial consult. Our acupuncturists do not generate ACC claim numbers.



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